Thanatos reffs

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Thanatos reffs

Post by Remy-san on Thu Jun 18, 2015 9:59 pm

Visual references:

A description

He has pale, ashen skin, with crimson red eyes, and a solemn look on his face.
His hair is gray, wiry, with bits of silver and white in them.
He wears the veil/mask to hide his lower face, due to the fact that whatever remains of his mouth is rotting, and his skull is pretty visible. He hides it when he sees his beloved Life, as to not scare her.
He wears a long hooded cloak- flecked with bits of frost and torn at the ends, and he has antlers which are tangled with little red bells.
His hands are long, bony, and have sharp red claw-like nails.
He always, always carries his staff- to light his way through Winter, and to find his way towards Life- the beloved of which me must take the life of.
The flame in it is a sign of her health- When she is reborn again, the flame ignites and burns brightly, and over time, it slowly burns, and eventually goes out.

He walks barefoot, and his symbolic seasons are Winter and Autumn.

Thanatos, or Death, is a solemn, quiet and sorrowful person.His smiles are often sad and sorrowful. He often apologizes when his touch accidentally kills a living being, but it was something he had no control of, as it was decided by Mother Chronos and the Guardians that his touch would kill.

He resides within a world where he looks after the Winter, and when the Spring (Life) is reborn, he slowly makes his way towards her, in a slow and quiet journey to end the life of the woman he loved, again and again.

Each time was harder than the last, every meeting sad and tinged with sorrow. He would linger around her in her last days, making her smile, and enjoying the short time they have together before his final touch would take her.

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