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Post by Remy-san on Wed May 20, 2015 1:57 pm

TanukiOyaji wrote:
.This is Our Collaboration Part.
You will find the babies produced from our scex here. Anyway, this will be a permanent shop for us, premades will be up whenever we don't feel like doing orders.

{ Sample Artwork }

- The picture above is not for sale.-

█▓▒░                                                      ░▒▓█
{ Available Premades }
None currently

█▓▒░                                                      ░▒▓█
{ Sold Premades }
7$ | 555$
0 | 1,655,ooo

Sold to Wubbsie - #DX.B01 - Ravin'
Sold to Notoria - #DX.B02 - Lady

{ Alert! }
- We will hold a premade for you for 48 hours only.
- Please have sufficient fund before ordering.
- Don't be rude, make it pleasant for you and us.

Regarding Payments:
- Please send all CREDITS to the avatar esnoir. Credits option unavailable until problem is solved.
- Please send all PAYPAL PAYMENTS to the email Leave a note saying it's a payment from you.
- Write this in your PAYPAL NOTE: "Payment from (your avi name)@IMVU"

█▓▒░                                                      ░▒▓█
{ Form }
- Tba.-


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